BACK   All Fresh Christmas greens are shipped via FedEx ground FREIGHT FREE in lower 48 states . Due to range of some deliveries and ambient temperature the soonest we can ship is Oct 15th . Eastern states can expect up to 6 business days in freight . We may add ice packs if we feel temperature will become an issue even though Christmas greens are quite hardy .


Blue cone cedar 25lb case                                 Douglas Fir 25lb case                    Incense Cedar 25lb case

$69.99 ($2.80 per lb)                                           $59.99 ($2.40 per lb)                      $89.99 ($3.60 per lb)


Port Orford Cedar 40lb case                                 Variegated Cedar 25lb case

$89.99 ($3.60 per lb. )                                            $69.99 ($2.80 per lb.)


      Juniper 25lb case                              Noble Fir 25lb case                                      Princess Pine 25lb case

$69.99 ($2.80 per lb.)                              $69.99 ($2.80 per lb)                                  $74.99 ($3.00 per lb)


Silver Fir 25lb case                       Mixed Christmas Greens 45lb case                     Mixed Christmas Greens 10lb case

$69.99 ($2.80 per lb)                    $94.99 ($2.10 per lb)                                             $64.99 ($6.50 per lb)